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Myth vs. Fact – The Environmental Impact of Printing

Environmental Impact of Printing
In an environmentally aware world, many business owners are looking for ways to provide more sustainable solutions to meet their customers’ needs. To promote more eco-friendly practices, many businesses pledge to “save the trees” by reducing the use of paper and print materials. However, simply “going paperless” is not the perfect solution. In honor of…

Web to Print Online Portal Streamlines Marketing and Print Communications

online portal
Managing your marketing promotional materials across departments or multiple offices is more challenging than ever, as the shelf life of business communications and market response time have never been shorter or more challenging to manage. A web-to-print online portal, a.k.a. online print ordering, e-procurement, W2P and eCommerce, is a thriving solution that offers a wide…

The Most Important Way to Build Relationships with Print Communications

print communications
Every company, regardless of the products sold or services performed, is in the relationship business – with customers, employees, business partners and the communities where they’re located. Marketing efforts across multiple channels, including print communications, to your target markets are necessary to drive sales. But what about the relationships you have with existing customers? How…

Three Eco-Friendly Printing Practices That Can Reduce Waste and Expenses

Eco-Friendly Printing Practices
This Friday, April 22, marks the 46th year of celebrating Earth Day. More than just a single day, Earth Day is an everyday movement that raises awareness, elicits action and causes us to think about the impact of our habits. The good news is, implementing eco-friendly printing practices can not only help reduce your impact…

How Specialty Papers in Print Can Maximize Your Marketing

How Specialty Papers in Print Can Maximize Your Marketing
A landmark study by Millward Brown found that when people interact with something that can be touched and felt, the content leaves a "deeper footprint" on the brain. This suggests that printed marketing messages are understood and remembered more readily than digital messages. That may explain why 70 percent say that mail is more personal…